Bright fireball thrills Northern Ohioans

WOW! Did you see that?
If you were walking the dog last night about 9:55, you may have seen the BRIGHT meteor in the skies over Northern Ohio! Observers report a bright streak with green and blue in it, suggesting the presence of iron in the space rock. While not unexpected, this time of year, we are able to see what as known as the June Lyrid Meteor shower (June 14-16). The June Lyrids usually don’t produce many sightings. Local reports range from Willoughby Hills, Bedford, Solon, Avon Lake, as far South as Youngstown. Mark Johnson, from {WEWS TV 5} reports sightings from Michigan and Toronto. — Jay Reynolds


“Saw it very well here in Bay Village. Unlike any meteor I have seen. It was incredible.” –Trevor Braun